BDC Systems is a market leader and one stop shop for grain drying, cleaning, storage, handling, ventilation, milling and mixing equipment.

From its head office in Wiltshire, the company provides its outstanding range of products and support services to the grain and agricultural industries throughout the UK and abroad.



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Following the most significant investment in the history of the company, BDC Systems has moved into new 19500 sq feet headquarters near Marlborough, Wiltshire.

Fengrain, the grain marketing and storage co-operative based in Cambridgeshire, has invested in a Svegma Model SVR6128 Continuous Flow Drier through BDC Systems. The drier was purchased by Fengrain to provide an energy efficient solution to the drying of up to 70,000 tonnes of wheat/rape throughout the year, including up to 50,000 at harvest time.



BDC Systems Limited
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