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Svegma Drier Brochure
Moisture Monitoring System
Turbo Clean Fan & Dust Extraction
Heat Recovery Drier


Skandia KTIS
Skandia Elevator H, I & L Lines
Soby Chain Elevators SE25 & SE40
BDC Trench Intake Hoppers

Cleaning & Weighing

Aagaard Industrial Pre Cleaner
Automatic Batch Weigher
Soby Asperated Pre Cleaner
Soby Auger Conveyor & Grain Cannons
Skandia dust and chaff extractor


BM Agro Silo
BM Auger Discharge Silo
BM Clean Silo
BM Ladders, Catwalks & Guard Rails
BM Outdoor Modular Silos
BM Outdoor Wood Pellet Silo
BM Modulsilo
Svegma Lorry Loading Hopper

Ventilation / Grain Aeration

Air Stacks & Air Spears
Low Volume Ventilation
LVC 300 Differential Fan Controller
Soby HSLG High Volume Fans
BDC Ventilation Pyramids
AVC 300 Automatic Grain Drying & Cooling

Mill & Mix

Hammermill EU2B
Industrial Mixers
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