Driveover Level Floor Ventilation Lateral

  • 305mm(12″) and 380mm(15″) wide and 1 m long.
  • Heavy duty for intensive farm use.
  • Galvanised louvred tops.
  • Suitable for drying and aeration.

Corraduct Half Round Above Floor Ventilation Lateral

  • Three sizes available with fully perforated or closed top to suit Airflow requirements.
  • Ideally suitable for large peak loaded stores to provide wide lateral spacings lengthwise in the building.
  • Effective coverage length 870mm.
  • Suitable for drying and aeration.

Lateral Level Floor Ventilation

  • The “Multibar” Lateral is manufactured from galvanised steel with a louvred top, suitable for all cereals & oilseeds. “Multibar” is produced 2″wide by 3′ long. (max width 4 multibars = 8″)This system is suitable for drive over by most agricultural vehicles.
  • Laterals should not be spaced further apart than the Grain depth. i.e. grain 8′ deep laterals not more than 8′ apart.
  • Fans – Portable fans, forward curved centrifugal up to 2.2kw.
  • Mobile backward curved centrifugal fans up to 7.5kw, 1 and 3 phase.
  • For larger fans see drying section.


  • Comprehensive range of ventialtion fans from 0.37kW to 7.5kW.
  • Galvanised mobile fans from 1.5kW to 7.5kW
  • Larger fans available up to 37kw
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