Oil Seed Processing

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Key Info

  • Five models in range.
  • Outputs from 2.5lts/hr to 35lts/hr.
  • Modular unit with combi-cleaner.
  • Including precipitation tanks.
  • Up to three presses can be mounted on one unit.
  • Full range of accessories available.
  • Free Planning and Product Advisory Service available.


Q: How much oil will 1 tonne of rapeseed produce?
A: Approximately 30 to 35% of the rapeseed will be extracted as oil giving around 300 to 350 litres per tonne. The remaining cake pills will have an oil content of approximately 12 %.

Q: What uses are there for the rape oil?
A: The oil can be used for cooking or may be used in oil burners for house, w/shop, drier etc. Converted diesel engines can run on 100% oil, or the oil can be esterified to produce bio-diesel suitable for diesel engines.

Q: What uses are there for the rape cake pills? (Pellets that are about 6mm diameter and 10 to 40mm in length.)
A: The pills can either be used as part of an animal feed ration, or they can be used as fuel in heating boilers.

Q: How much energy will be used to produce 1 litre of oil?
A: 1 litre of oil will consume about 125 watts, costing about 1 pence of electricity to produce.

Q: What is the lifetime of the wearing components in the press unit?
A: The screw has an approximate life of 90 to 100 tonnes (30,000 litres of oil), but this can vary depending on the sample and cleanliness of rape being crushed. This equates to a cost of around 1 pence per litre of oil produced.

Q: What size of oil press would be suitable?
A: The BT press is designed to run continuously. For example a Type 50 unit will produce 240 litres of oil in a 24-hour period. (1,200 litres over 5 day week) Up to two extra press units can be added to the Cleaner unit at a later stage (see Price List for details), allowing oil production to increase as demand increases.

Q: How do I produce Bio-diesel form Rape Oils?
A: For further information on production of Bio-diesel please visit www.greenfuels.co.uk

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