BDC Systems can supply a complete range of silo discharge equipment from carry in sweep augers to industrial fixed installations.


Skandia Sweep Conveyors

  • Capacities 40-70tph
  • Direct drive motor gearboxes
  • Silos from 6m -25m
  • Low power requirements
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  • Sweep augers and dischargers from 25tph to 80tph
  • 25tph carry in sweep with worm geared motor, galvanised rigid beam with intermediate bearings
  • 60-80tph stationary sweep augers with worm geared motor, rigid beam with intermediate bearings
  • Horizontal discharge augers 60/80tph with intermediate inlets, available with horizontal, inclined or vertical drive heads.


  • 30-100tph silo sweeps and dischargers
  • Centre gearbox to engage sweep arm
  • Horizontal, vertical and inclined power heads
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