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Svegma by Akron
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Key Features

  • Designed and engineered for the UK market by BDC Systems
  • Capacities from 5.0 to over 100 tonnes per hour.
  • Fully galvanised construction.
  • Oil or gas (direct or indirect) or biomass heat source
  • Fully automated control panel incorporating failsafe shutdown and monitoring.
  • Low noise and dust levels
  • Low power requirements
  • Compact modular design for easy installation and future extension
  • Unique lateral fixing maintains clean grain column ideal for malting barley and seed
  • Pulse discharge for even drying
  • Air plenum flanges turned down to self clean
  • Fan air volume control for ease of drying small seeds
  • Optional Turboclean dust extraction unit
  • Efficient variable cooling or run ‘all hot’
  • Easy and flexible operation, small batches possible
  • CE marking and compliant with quality assurance standards


BDC Systems has unrivalled experience in grain drying and offers technologically advanced solutions for drying all cereal crops (including feed, milling, malting and seed), as well as oil seeds, small seeds, pulses and other granular products.

The Svegma Continuous Drier was originally developed to overcome the difficult drying conditions in Scandinavia.
The first Svegma drier was installed in the UK in 1983 and now there are over 900 installations.
Incorporating the latest cutting edge technology, Svegma driers have an industry leading reputation for outstanding quality and efficiency. As a result they are used extensively by farmers, farming co-operatives, commercial users and maltsters. Svegma driers meet the most stringent standards of Local Authorities and Farm Assured Schemes.

Production Facilities

Svegma’s state-of-the-art production facilities feature the latest high technology CNC controlled machines. These ensure that all components meet the exacting quality and performance standards for which the Svegma brand is renowned.

All parts are manufactured for stock and stored in temperature controlled warehousing. In this way, the short delivery schedules demanded by customers throughout the world are met with confidence. Continuous R+D programmes, full after sales service and technical support from BDC systems ensure that Svegma keeps its number one position in the market.


Svegma driers are manufactured from heavy gauge galvanised steel sheet for long life and durability. The construction allows the drier to be installed indoors or outside without the need for cladding. However, the drier can be clad with coloured sheeting to meet planning or environmental requirements. The compact design and modular formation provides flexibility of installation in confined spaces and easy future extension.

The grain column comprises roof section with access door to drying column, buffer sections, drying and cooling sections above the discharge unit. Sight glasses show the grain level throughout the column. The cooling section is normally up to 33% of the column. Ground operated cooling doors can be adjusted to give more or less cooling when in operation. A large range of models are available with five different widths from 2m to 8m and capacities from 8tph to over 100tph.

Due to the unique Svegma lateral fixing system there are no fixings, flanges or ledges in the grain column, ensuring continuous unobstructed grain movement. This is essential when drying specialist seed crops to avoid contamination.

Mixed Flow

The proven mixed flow design allows the drier to operate at its optimum efficiency with low power consumption and minimum maintenance as there are no moving parts in the drier column.

With the Svegma mixed flow drier, the grain flows over special tapered air laterals. A series of hot air inlet laterals is followed by exhaust outlet laterals. This is repeated throughout the grain column and the tapered laterals are staggered to ensure even airflow, uniform drying and mixing of grain. Hot air half laterals are fitted to the side walls of the drier to prevent condensation and streaming of grain.

Heat Source

BDC have experience in the use of many different fuel sources for drying grain including:

  • Oil (diesel and kerosene) direct fired
  • Oil (diesel and kerosene) indirect fired
  • Gas (LPG and natural gas)
  • Biomass (straw or wood chip) either air to air or hot water via a radiator to claim RHI payments.

Oil Burners

Multi-jet burners from Nu-Way based in Droitwich provide the driers with full temperature range. Twin and three stage burners are available. Stainless steel furnace tubes with turbulator air mixing as standard, and swing down burner plates allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. Indirect burners are also available.

Gas Burners

High – Low or fully modulating gas burners can be supplied for connection either to mains natural gas supply or a local nest of LPG storage tanks.


Svegma driers can be heated by any biomass heat source including woodchip and baled straw.

Akron, who manufacture the Svegma drier in Sweden also produce a full range of wood chip burners, as well as wood chip drying and storage equipment.


Akron, the parent company of Svegma grain driers has been manufacturing fans for use in industry around the world since the 1950’s.

Highly efficient slow running, axial flow fan units ensure drier performance at minimum noise levels and offer the following features:

  • 7.5 to 30KW motor sizes, in 3 different diameters.
  • Galvanised case with swaged flanges for improved air flow
  • Aluminium impeller

Drier fans can be mounted either on the front, side or roof of a drier according to site parameters.

A full range of accessories is available to fit our fans including:

  • Noise Attenuators
  • Shutters
  • Ducts
  • Inverter Control

Turboclean Dust Seperation Fans

The Turboclean dust extraction fan is a combined fan and extraction unit designed specifically to separate dust and chaff from grain drier exhaust air.

Centrifugal force acts on the particles and the outer air is stripped away and led to a cyclone where the particles are separated.

The separation efficiency, which depends on airflow and particle size, has been tested by the Technical Research Institute of Sweden and is under normal flow conditions about 95% for visible particles.

The fan casing and the separation unit are made from hot dip galvanized steel and the impeller in painted steel. Other components are zinc coated.

Control Panel

BDC offer two standard control panel options depending on the level of automation and data collection required.

Touch Screen Panel With PLC Control

This control panel is simple to operate via the touch screen which is set into a mimic display diagram, showing the constant status of the drier and incorporates failsafe auto shutdown facility. The hot air temperature, exhaust air temperature and discharge rate are displayed with set point on the touch screen display.

The panel has fully automatic discharge control to regulate grain moisture content being discharged based on exhaust temperature. It has the facility to store and download, via a USB stick, a running history of the drier status and any alarm conditions (low level, hopper full, hot air and exhaust air overheat and any motor overload conditions). Information can be manually entered during operation to show crop being dried and also moisture content in and moisture content out of the drier. This facility will aid crop traceability and record keeping.

This same touch screen program can be used to run a Svegma drier as a batch drier when designed as such, and also has the ability to switch from batch to continuous operation at the touch of a button.

With the option of a larger screen, all of the machinery associated with the drying plant can be controlled from the same touch screen interface.

Digital Panel

The latest fully integrated digital control panel is all hard wired with relay logic control. It is simple to operate with digital temperature controls and fail-safe auto shut down. The automatic discharge control regulates grain moisture content based on exhaust temperature. Mimic display with digital readouts and indicator lights shows constant drier operating status




Drier Options

There is an extensive range of options and accessories available to help tailor your Svegma drier to suit your requirements.

Cooling Doors

Svegma driers offer the facility to adjust the amount of drier sections used for cooling, and this is accomplished from ground level. The standard mechanism uses push rods assisted by gas struts, with the option of gearbox controlled doors that can be operated while the drier is running.

SSVEGMA Drier Vertical Turboclean fans
Svegma Drier Vertical Turbocleans Fans
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