Case Study: Aagaard Cleaner Overcomes Low Bushel Weight Grain Problems

BDC Systems has supplied a new Aagaard 100tph heavy duty aspiration pre cleaner through dealer Nash Grain Systems to the Flichity Estate in Shropshire. This has enabled the client to overcome a problem with low bushel weight grain by increasing the density of the hectolitre weight from 69 to 71/2 kg/hl, thereby achieving extra returns. With 1000 tonnes of wheat to shift, Ben needed an answer.

Estate Manager Ben Linnington at the Flichity Estate was encountering the problem of low bushel weight grain like many farmers after the 2012 harvest. He needed to be able to clean his wheat thoroughly by removing more dust and chaff in order to increase the weight density to meet his contracts.

Discussions with Trevor Nash, of Nash Grain Systems, who provides consultancy to Ben in all aspects of his grain handling, resulted in the recommendation of an Aagaard heavy duty aspiration pre cleaner, from BDC Systems. The Aagaard operates on a totally different principle from most other units, as well as being the only machine of its kind available to offer a throughput of up to 150 tph. It could therefore also match the speed of delivery from the intake feed conveyor to ensure maximum efficiency.

The Aagaard heavy duty aspirators operate by spreading the grain around the circumference of its internal cone, giving a very thin curtain of grain allowing its powerful fan with high airflows to maximise the amount of light trash that is removed from the incoming sample

Classed as an industrial unit, the Aagaard has already demonstrated its efficiency and Ben is now achieving the desired density increase and gaining an extra £30/tonne revenue. From the 1000 tonnes of wheat processed by the Aaagard, he has successfully removed 5 x 15 tonne trailer loads of dust and chaff.

This investment would help Ben to achieve the desired bushel weight density of 71 or 72 kg/hl and mean that the new investment could be largely financed by the increase on the grain revenue that it would achieve in the first season.

Trevor Nash recommended the Aagaard machine after discussions with UK distributor BDC Systems: “BDC Systems are experts in all aspects of grain handling and their technical knowhow and back up is second to none. Aside from Aagaard, they have also supplied us with market leading Svegma drying and Skandia handling brands. We had no hesitation in once again relying upon BDC Systems for this project.”

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