Case Study: BDC Provides New 1200 Tonne Drying & Storage Facility For R P Watts

BDC Systems has supplied R P Watts farm at Baston Fen farm in south Lincolnshire with a new grain handling and storage system. The requirement was for 1200 tonnes of drying and storage facilities with the scope for future expansion.

BDC Systems designed a new plant which is being used to dry wheat and rape. It consists of two, 600 tonnes, 42 feet diameter, eight ring drying and storage silos. Each silo has a full drying floor and three down auger stirrer units. Both silos are connected via a transformation duct to a common 22kW centrifugal fan and gas burner.

Filling and discharging the silos at speed was also a critical part of the system, so BDC Systems decided to use an 8” Hutchinson grain pump. This unit is rated at 90 tph on wheat. It consists of a continuous loop of eight inch galvanised steel tubing with heavy duty chain and paddles to move the grain. Within this loop is a three metre long intake section and also the two inlets from the silo discharge augers. There is an out-loading spout to load material from the silos directly to lorries and two outlets to feed the silos. Separate discharge augers and power sweeps discharge the grain from the silos into the grain pump.

Access to the top of the silos is via a spiral staircase attached to the silo wall sheets. Each silo has a three metre wide access platform at the centre filling cap. Access ladders and support towers for the grain pump are positioned at each end of the system.

Robert Golland, Farm Manager, has been impressed by the performance of the installation. “It is easy to use, quick and copes well with grain of different moisture content. We are very pleased.”

The whole package was sourced from Global Industries in the USA and supplied through their UK agent, BDC Systems. The client carried out the groundworks using farm staff and the installation and electrics were carried out by specialist contractors recommended by BDC Systems.

Robert Golland concludes: “BDC Systems’ knowledge and service has been very good, with their representative Walter Russell providing excellent support.”

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