Case Study: BDC Systems Has Played Major Role In Upgrading Grain Store At Rushall Farm

BDC Systems has played a major role in the upgrading of the grain store at the Wookey family farm at Rushall in Wiltshire. Working for main design and build contractor T H White Installation Ltd, BDC Systems has supplied Akron hoppers, ventilation and Skandia handling equipment in the major modernisation of the farm’s plant.

Nigel Wookey has around 2,500 acres devoted to the organic production of wheat, barley, oats, triticale, rye and spelt. The farm’s grain store comprised of 16 concrete block silos some 60 years old and these had not only shown signs of their age, but also provided insufficient storage capacity. Taking the decision to upgrade the facility, Nigel Wookey once again turned to the expertise of contractor T H White to design and install the new storage facility.

The existing dryer and cleaner have been incorporated into the new layout, and the storage hoppers all feature temperature monitoring and automatic low volume ventilation. Much of this plant has been supplied by BDC Systems with whom T H White has a close working relationship.

David Huband, Project Engineer at T H White commented:” We worked with BDC Systems from the outset of this project and have appreciated the technical support they have provided throughout. They have a wide range of products and a good knowledge of them.”

BDC Systems is UK distributor for the renowned Akron/Svegma brands. The company supplied 25 three x three metre and 26 four x three metre Akron hoppers, and 3 four by three metre Svegma hoppers as pre-drying silos. Together these provided a storage capacity of nearly 2000 tonnes. Intake to the pre-drying silos and the drier is at up to 60 tph capacity and the storage hoppers are filled and discharged at up to 40tph. All new chain and flight conveyors installed were manufactured by Skandia.

During the design of the new storage facility the requirement to establish a safe means of constructing the hoppers was addressed. As a result of the discussions between T H White and BDC Systems a new design of hopper cone was developed by Akron. Rather than being pre-welded they are manufactured from galvanised steel. They are supplied in panel sections to facilitate fast and easy installation on-site. Posts and panels are erected first and the hopper cone is bolted on afterwards. This enables safe working access to both sides of the wall panels with scissor lifts.

Work began on the project in autumn 2011 in order to have the new store ready for the 2012 harvest. This aim has been achieved and Nigel Wookey also now has the capability and capacity to offer grain storage facilities to neighbouring organic growers, some of whom are farming too small an acreage to justify their own stores.

Nigel Wookey reports that he has been pleased with the project and both the expertise and support of T H White and BDC Systems. With his son now also joining in the running of the farm, five generations of the family have now been involved in this highly successful enterprise which now has a first class storage facility that will meet their requirements for the foreseeable future.

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