Case Study: BDC Systems Secures Second Drier for Specialist Seed Company

BDC Systems, the one stop shop for grain drying, handling and storage equipment, has supplied a Svegma Continuous Flow Drier to Seed Technology Ireland, based in Waterford.

Amongst its services, Seed Technology produces a wide range of seeds for different customers from basic and pre-basic cereal seed as well as commercial grade cereal. The company is the only (Irish) producer of F1 hybrid winter barley seed and has also expanded into oilseed rape seed production. As Ireland’s leading wholesale company, selling directly to large and small retailers, Seed Technology also markets many other seeds and crops.

Seed drying is an essential element of the company’s processing procedures and when looking to install the latest state-of-the-art drying equipment, turned to BDC Systems. The fully galvanised Svegma model 3-2 continuous flow drier was recommended, with its totally smooth internal grain column which is ideal for drying seed crops, and a capacity of ten tonnes per hour.

The Svegma drier is being used on high value, high quality basic and pre-basic seed of wheat, barley and oats of both winter and spring varieties. It is also used to dry F1 hybrid oilseed rape and ‘Mother-line’ oilseed rape seed for export. Both of these crops are very high value and so the drier and handling system choice were very important to maintain the quality and purity of this seed.

The seed lots that Seed Technology wishes to dry are small in size and the cleanliness and ease of cleaning of the Svegma drier were important considerations; Seed Technology can spend as much time cleaning the machine ahead of the next seed lot as actually running the drier. The operational efficiency of the drier, its size and layout were also important considerations in ensuring the machine fitted into Seed Technology’s existing facilities.

The Svegma Continuous Drier has in fact replaced another make of drier which did not achieve the required levels of cleanliness. The Svegma drier provides efficient and economic seed drying. Its design features tapered laterals which give an even airflow through the whole smooth grain column. The proximity of the laterals gives a large flow area resulting in a low airflow and sufficient time for the air to be saturated with water. The drier is equipped with an extraction fan that sucks the air through the drier, giving a uniform air distribution between the laterals.

Raymond O’Neill, Technical Director of Seed Technology has been very pleased with the role that BDC Systems has played: “BDC systems were selected for this project as they immediately understood our requirements and drew up a plan which best suited our needs of drying small lots of high value seed. We were very pleased with our dealings with them and have placed another order this year for a second drier, cleaner and intake plant.”

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