Case Study: BDC’S Grain Handling and Cleaning Technology Sets the Standard at New E Buscall Grain Storage Facility

Skandia conveying and elevator systems together with a Denis Reciprocating Screen grain pre-cleaner / separator supplied by BDC Systems are playing a vital role in the new E Buscall & Partners grain storage and drying facility at Low Farm in Carbrooke, Norfolk. Designed jointly with their long term supplier Marrison Agriculture, E Buscall & Partners’ store came into operation in time for the busy 2015 harvest period. 

To manage increased grain intake as efficiently as possible, Manager Philip Fincham needed to replace and modernise the family farm’s existing storage and drying arrangements that had been subjected to the effects of the elements since originally established around 40 years ago. The site’s existing Continuous Flow Grain Drier was to be retained and relocated inside a new purpose built facility, serviced by a new intake pit and completed with new conveying and a pre-cleaning plant.

Marrison Agriculture had already for many years provided E Buscall & Partners with all its fixed equipment and for this modernisation project wanted to ensure that once again the most suitable solution was selected to meet the client’s requirements in full. The intake pit had to facilitate fast and easy trailer unloading of wheat, barley and oil seed rape from the 2500 acre farm and the conveying equipment needed to be capable of handling up to 80 tonnes of grain per hour to meet customer specification.

With this in mind, project manager David Rix of Marrison Agriculture turned to long term, trusted supplier BDC Systems. “We know that equipment supplied by BDC Systems is of the highest quality, assembles easily on site and generally performs over and above its stated capacity. Their range is vast and always supported by superb service – this means a lot to us because it ensures that our customers can also be confident of excellent back-up.”

The new fully galvanised grain intake hopper, located below ground, serves a new 80tph Skandia heavy duty I-Line KTIG 30/40 Trench Intake Conveyor. This curved machine has a 9 metre horizontal intake section which is self-regulating to prevent overfilling and is also governed by an inverter speed control unit for fine tuning of intake capacity. It leads to a 45º bend and a further 4 metres of inclined conveyor. This feeds into a Skandia heavy duty I-Line SEI 50/18 80tph belt and bucket elevator standing at ground level. From here route selection choices allow pre-cleaning, drying, fine cleaning or grain into store, as required.

A further SEI 50/18 Elevator and a range of Curved, Horizontal and Inclined Skandia I-Line 80tph conveyors transport the grain to store. All Skandia machines are suitable for use with white grains, oil seeds and pulses. ”Skandia is a world leader in Grain Handling technology and its semi-industrial specification is ideal for larger farm projects of this type,” says David Rix.

In addition to the new conveying systems, Farm Manager Philip Fincham wanted the versatility of a new pre-cleaner/ separator. “We will be able to use it in different ways – It can pre-clean and dress crop before it enters the drier or with oil seed rape, for example, it can be dressed for immediate storage. It is definitely a flexible investment for the future,” he says. The Denis NSD 2 50tph Reciprocating Sieve cleaner proposed by BDC Systems is ideally suited to this installation and the task of fast pre-cleaning and precision screen cleaning for any combinable crop produced at Low Farm. Its design also meets Philip Fincham’s requirement for easy monitoring and maintenance.

Installation at Low Farm took place during the first half of 2015 and was expertly completed by E Buscall & Partners’ own engineers, with Marrison Agriculture overseeing the project.  According to David Rix, the decision to engage BDC Systems to supply the conveying and cleaning plant has already proven to be the correct choice: “We work with a select group of suppliers and BDC Systems ticks all the boxes in terms of product quality, breadth of range and support service, both from BDC Systems’ Area Manager Wayne Tobin and head office. They go that extra mile and we know that the equipment at Low Farm will stand the test of time.”

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