Case Study: Coastal Grains Again Relies On BDC Systems For State Of The Art Grain Drying

Coastal Grains, the UK’s second largest co-operative grain store, has once again turned to BDC Systems for a new Svegma grain drier. Supplied through local agent Yorkshire Storage Systems, this third drier demonstrates the continuing commitment to BDC Systems’ grain drying and handling technology in a relationship that has now lasted over 14 years.

Coastal Grains’ first BDC Systems order was for two Skandia conveying lines, each operating at 60 tonnes per hour. When the store was expanded to 85000 tonnes capacity, two further Skandia conveyors were ordered followed by three replacement elevators and four conveyors. Then in 2010, when the plant in Belford, north Northumberland, was the subject of a £2.5 million upgrade, Svegma driers were specified, offering a drying capacity of up to 240 tonnes of grain per hour. This latest drier is a Svegma 6m drier rated at 80 tonnes per hour removing 5% moisture at 100ºC, nominally 100tph on feed wheat.

Coastal Grains’ Chief Executive Terence Pardoe said: “The acquisition of a third grain drier from BDC Systems represents Coastal Grains’ continued investment in state-of the-art technology which will further bolster grain drying and handling services for our members through increased productivity and improved throughput.”

Terence Pardoe
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