Case Study: New Grain Plant Cuts Drying Time By More Than Half

The installation of a new 13tph Svegma continuous flow drier at JD Townley & Son in Ballygowan, Co Down, has reduced the amount of time spent drying crops from 500hrs per season to 200 hrs.

Previously JD Townley and Son had been reliant upon a 12 tonne mobile batch drier to dry a variety of crops grown on their own and contracted land. The old system was slow and required frequent intervention.

So when BDC Systems designed and specified a new plant in the Spring of 2018 the improved automation and efficiency was immediately noticeable.

Andrew Lee from BDC Systems worked closely with Roy and James Townley to design a complete grain plant tailored to the company’s specific requirements based on their annual yield of 2000+ tonnes of winter wheat and winter / spring barley.

The finalised grain store design comprised of a 13tph Svegma continuous flow drier which is fed from a 7m BDC below ground hopper fitted with a Skandia KTIG 40tph curved trench intake conveyor.  Four Skandia L line conveyors and two L line elevators are used to transport wet and dry grain around the plant which also includes a Soby R40 pre-cleaner.

Once dried, grain is stored on a ventilated floor fitted with BDC drive over laterals and Soby ventilation fans all controlled using an LVC300 differential fan controller to ensure the crop remains in optimum condition.

Despite the customer’s location in Northern Ireland, Andrew Lee made frequent site visits to oversee the construction of the building and installation of the equipment.  James Townley commented:  “Andrew and his team were always available to answer any questions and resolve any minor teething problems that arose.”

During the drier’s first season it was used in batch mode when harvest was stop /start and then in continuous flow mode when conditions were suitable.  In batch mode the drier achieved a drying time of 3 hours per cycle and was fully automated.  In continuous flow mode 12tph was achieved on crops with a starting moisture content of 17-18%.

James Townley commented:  “We are delighted with the improved productivity the new plant gives us and with the first rate support provided by BDC.”

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