Case Study: Svegma Continuous Flow Drier meets Fengrain’s needs in full

Fengrain, the grain marketing and storage co-operative based in Cambridgeshire, has invested in a Svegma Model SVR6128 Continuous Flow Drier through BDC Systems. The drier was purchased by Fengrain to provide an energy efficient solution to the drying of up to 70,000 tonnes of wheat/rape throughout the year, including up to 50,000 at harvest time.

Fengrain’s 120,000 tonne grain storage facility provides a highly efficient storage solution, backed up by sophisticated grain sampling and the capability to store, dry and process all types of combinable crops. The Svegma drier was specified after a series of site visits and benchmarking against other makes of drier.

Paul Randle, Business Development Director at Fengrain says: “We identified the Svegma drier as the most efficient technology available to handle the variable moistures and high volumes of crop. It could do the job, drying wheat from 20 to 15% moisture. We were also attracted by the flexibility, expertise and post sales service that we would receive from BDC Systems.”

The fully galvanised Svegma SVR6128 continuous flow drier for outdoor use has a rated capacity of 100 tph at a hot air temperature of 125 deg C. 5% moisture extraction (20%-15%) is achieved at an ambient temperature of 15 deg C. It is equipped with six 30Kw Turbo Clean Dust Control Fans with separate air bleed doors mounted on the drier exhaust plenum and inverter fan controls for use when drying light crops.

There are five oil fired Nu-way/Bentone MOL 1650 three stage, pressure jet burners with a stainless steel furnace tubes. An MPA 22 microprocessor control panel provides full operator control. It is ideal for even, consistent drying of an extensive range of crops, particularly seed due to its smooth grain column.

Fengrain is extremely pleased with the Svegma, together with the service and overall support received from BDC Systems. “The automated operation of the Svegma, the flexibility of its burners and its overall ease of use have proven major plus points,” continues Paul Randle. “BDC systems have supported the install and service of the drier with great expertise and patience.”

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