Case Study: Wessex Grain’s New Facility Features Storage, Handling And Drying Expertise Of BDC Systems

When Wessex Grain opened its new storage facility in July 2011, as part of a £2.5 million pound investment, visitors to the site in Templecombe, Somerset would also have noted the silos, conveyors, elevators, ventilation equipment and grain driers supplied by BDC Systems through contractor Dorset Grain Services.

More and more farmers are considering the benefits of central storage and the state-of-the-art facility at Wessex Grain includes the highest quality storage, handling and drying equipment. The new 17000 tonne flat store facility, which brings overall on-site capacity to 70,000 tonnes, is ventilated by six 22kW fans and Corraduct above floor ventilation laterals. Grain is fed into the store by a new Skandia 100tph elevator and existing belt conveyors.

Site capacity has also been increased through the installation of two new 2,000 tonne and two new 1,000 tonne silos. The new silos, catwalks, 120tph dischargers and sweep augers were all supplied by BDC Systems Ltd. A tour of the facility reveals heavy dependence on Svegma grain drying technology, with the first investment dating back to 1993 and the most recent 6m wide 60tph continuous drier being installed only two years ago.

Wessex Grain had their first Skandia 100tph intake conveyor in 2000. Now all four intakes are Skandia equipment along with new elevators and conveyors to fill and discharge the hoppers at 120 and 100tph.

All the plant, supplied by BDC Systems, has been installed by Dorset Grain Services, a long term trusted contractor to Wessex Grain. The confidence in the BDC product range is reflected in the words of Pete Tewksbury, owner of Dorset Grain Services. “BDC Systems supplies high quality equipment to the UK market. Their principals, such as Skandia and Svegma, are always responsive to the needs of our customers, such as Wessex Grain. This ensures we are always able to supply the best products, customised as required for any facility of this type.”

BDC Systems is the UK market leader and one stop shop for grain drying, cleaning, storage, handling, ventilation, milling and mixing equipment. From its head office in Hampshire, the company provides its outstanding range of products and support services to the grain and agricultural industries throughout the UK and abroad.

Wessex Grain
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