BDC Awarded Certified Dealer Status by Skandia Elevator

BDC Systems is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the “Skandia Academy” Certified Dealer certificate for completing all three training modules at Skandia Elevators’ Training Academy in Arentorp, Sweden.  Skandia is Europe’s leading supplier of grain elevating and conveying equipment.
Three individual training modules are aimed at Sales Managers, Project Designers and Installation / Maintenance technicians.  The sales and design modules both stress product knowledge and the importance of selecting the correct of Skandia’s three ranges for a particular application.    For designers, most emphasis is placed on product and system knowledge with participants learning how various Skandia products can be combined with one another.  This course also looks at the tools Skandia has developed to help with project design – such as price lists and CAD blocks.

The Sales course covers product selling points, pricing and finding the best, most affordable solution for the facilities of each and every customer.

For assembly technicians, the primary emphasis is on assembly of the machines and the connections between them. The schedule includes a number of practical exercises and also looks at safety, troubleshooting and product maintenance.

Magnus Werner, Skandia Elevator’s sales manager commented: “As one of our best dealers we were very pleased that BDC Systems staff attended the training days. Because of their years of experience with our equipment, ourselves and other dealers always learn something new from them, which has contributed in the design of our products”

BDC Systems Ltd is Skandia Elevator’s sole UK agent and hold the UK’s only stock of spare parts for their machines. With correct, completed on time deliveries running at over 98%, Skandia machines are always reliable and well-engineered. With the help and back-up of BDC Systems, Skandia has become a recognised name in the UK for elevating and conveying equipment, both for agricultural and commercial users.

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