BDC Launches New Skandia Products In The UK

Investment in the correct grain handling equipment to prevent costly crop deterioration is critical. In the UK, BDC Systems distributes a complete range of grain handling machinery from the renowned Skandia Elevator range of belt & bucket elevators, chain & flight conveyors. The latest Skandia products are new In Line conveyor outlet slides as well as a new design of Dust and Chaff extractor.

The new In Line conveyor outlet slides are available on Skandia I line machines with capacities from 40-120tph. They can be supplied as hand operated rack and pinion, electro pneumatic or motorised versions. The advantage of the In Line slide over the conventional cross slide is that the slide opens down the length of the machine, saving space alongside it. This is particularly useful on catwalks over silos where space is limited. All versions are available with gravity brush gear to sweep clean the chain. Fabricated from pre-galvanised steel plate for long life, the slide plate runs on a series of plastic rollers to ease opening and closing.

The new Dust and Chaff extractor will be available in 80/100tph versions and is also manufactured from pre-galvanised plate for long life. The grain enters the machine on a distribution plate that spreads the product across the machine. It then passes over a series of deflectors to allow the air to be pulled through it via the aspiration fan. Impurities lighter than the product are removed by the air stream and separated from the air via an exhaust cyclone. A damper on the fan controls air volume, so it is suitable for use with all crops.

Skandia Elevator has specialised in designing and manufacturing innovative handling lines for nearly 100 years. Whether for the smallest farm or the largest co-operative, Skandia products take care of the grain throughout the entire handling process.

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