BDC Systems Offers New Zanin Sieve Cleaner

BDC Systems, the one stop shop for grain drying, handling and storage equipment, has added a new Zanin reciprocating flat deck cleaner to its range. The PSC sieve cleaner joins the existing range of rotary cleaners for which Zanin is already known.

The PSC sieve cleaner separator allows users to separate and calibrate large and smaller grain sizes during the cleaning process. The grain enters the cleaner via a motorized feed roller uniformly positioned across the width of the cleaner inlet. The product is aspirated on entering the cleaner by a transverse air flow which removes the lighter impurities, the dust is blown away by the centrifugal fan and the heavier aspirations settle in the expansion chamber and are removed from the cleaner via a short screw auger. The remainder of the grain then runs into a series of sieves which separate the grain by size and any remaining dust is removed by secondary aspiration as the product leaves the cleaner. The screens are kept clean by rubber balls in screen frames. Three models are available from 20 to 60 tonnes per hour capacities.

Options for the PSC include a motorized lock gate for air flow control, variable speed electric fan, variable speed sieves, anti-wear sheet, switch board, a vertical or inclined hopper for large impurities and a collecting sector for by-products.

Other cleaners in the Zanin range include the rotary PPR pre-cleaner for simple, fast removal of light and rough impurities in the grain with models are available with outputs from 20 to 260 tonnes per hour. Meanwhile, the PRA rotary cleaner has an aspiration unit on the cleaner inlet which removes light dust particles as well as separating good quality grain from splits and trash.

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