COVID-19 BDC System’ Policy


BDC Systems is open for business as usual within the confines of any government restriction imposed as of today or in the near future.

We have taken steps to reduce our exposure by splitting the office team up with some staff, where appropriate working from home, and others in the office where there is no other workable alternative.

As our sales team are basically home office orientated you should be able to get hold of your area manager on their mobiles.  We are however asking them to limit, where appropriate, their exposure to face to face meetings and public gatherings.

This week, Andrew Lee is based at the office and Andrew Head at home.

We would ask that dealers who regularly send staff to our warehouse to collect items without prior notice, refrain from doing this.  Instead please ring ahead so we can pick and pack parts for you and have them ready for you to collect, minimising exposure and contact time.

If you have any concerns regarding these arrangements, then please contact either Andrew Head or Andrew Lee in the usual way.

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