‘Grain Butler’ Maintains Condition of Stored Grain

Suitable for use in free-flowing grain and oilseeds, the Grain Butler has become an essential piece of kit for many arable farmers.

The self-propelled Grain Butler works by lifting grain from the bottom of the pile to the top.  This helps eliminate hotspots, crusting and compacting which in turn aids aeration and maintains the condition of the stored product.

Grain Butler is available in a range of options to suit most applications.  The single unit now features either a manual rudder or electric rudder.  The manual rudder is fixed to keep the unit’s direction of travel straight, while full remote operation is available with the electrically actuated rudder version.

Grain Butlers can also be used in pairs, coupled together with a remote control unit which allows the motors on both machines to be operated independently, thus enabling the twin unit to be steered and be turned at the end of a run.

In addition, a rotary control system for a single Grain Butler can be fitted to allow the unit to “wind itself” towards a central point, thus minimising the need to turn the unit.

Available in single and three phase versions, all Grain Butlers feature a 2.2kw (3.0hp) gear motor with stop / start safety switch.  Augers are available in lengths from 1.5m up to 4.0m in 0.5m increments.

A product innovation on the Grain Butler sees the auger positioned at a slight angle from the main body of the unit, which offers improved propulsion speed over the previous model.

The award winning Grain Butler, is available exclusively through BDC Systems in the UK.

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