Great Interest In New Svegma Heat Recovery Drier At Cereals 2012

According to Andrew Head, Managing Director of BDC Systems, the Cereals 2012 was a great
success. “Attendance numbers may have been down, but there was considerable interest in both our new Svegma heat recovery drier and our standard Svegma drier range. The exhibition generated many enquiries for us.”

With its ability to recirculate drying and cooling air prior to the burner or other heat source, there are significant potential energy savings to be made with the new Svegma heat recovery drier. “At a time when saving energy is an important consideration for those involved in grain handling and drying, this new drier has created a lot of interest,” says Andrew Head.

Energy savings are achieved because firstly the required amount of air that needs heating from ambient to operating temperature is decreased. Then, the recirculated air needs less heat input to achieve operating temperatures. The result is a calculated energy saving of up to 15% for the user.

The drier features RadiClean particle separation technology, developed by manufacturer Akron, and really is a major step forward in the drive to minimise energy consumption in grain drying operations.

The first specification in the UK of the new drier was made by Tim Piper and it is to be used on his 4000 acre mixed farm. The investment underlines his commitment to an energy saving policy for the farm. This has included the installation of 49.8kw of photovoltaic panels whilst plans are also in hand for the installation of a biomass boiler to provide energy from either, an air to air or hot water to air, heat exchanger to give a base load of approx 750kw of heat. This will then be topped up with recirculated heat, with gas providing the rest.

The Svegma heat recovery drier was found to be very competitively priced compared with other heat recovery driers and further savings are made when it is operated to give a good return on the investment. The plan is to use it when necessary, but mainly for the wheat, rape and barley crops.

The drier can be heated using any technology and/or fuel including standard gas, oil or biofuel heaters, working either directly or indirectly. Stress on the heater is minimized since it does not need to work at excessively high temperatures.

Tim Piper also knew that BDC’s sales and technical back-up team have a good knowledge of the product. “BDC gave me the confidence that they would be able to sort out any problems that might arise. I also have a neighbour who has run a Svegma drier for a good many years without any major problems.”

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