MAFA Silos

The MAFA Unik 2000 is a proven and simple design with a 2.3 metre diameter and manufactured in aluzinc sheet, a high quality sheet metal that combines the best characteristics of aluminium and zinc for tough outside conditions. Tests have shown that the life-span of this metal is considerably longer than ordinary galvanised sheet metal.

Filling is undertaken, via a large radius bend and a large cyclone that prevents dust forming. The silo empties itself from the bottom so the oldest feed always comes out first, providing better hygiene in the silo and the least possible separation. Volume-weight and other characteristics are always the same and there is never any old feed left in the silo. Smooth interior walls with new, special bolts and a steeper cone mean the silo can be emptied completely. Ventilation through the new, larger cyclone removes all problems of condensation which in turn gives even better levels of hygiene.

Offered with a seven year material guarantee, the Unik 2000 is available in volumes from 12 to 37.8 on cubic meters on the 2.34m diameter model and the 3.10m diameter. Unik 2000 BIG can accommodate from 24.6 to over 70 cubic meters depending on the silo height.

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