New Control Panel For Svegma Grain Driers

New Control Panel For Svegma Grain Driers

BDC Systems, the one stop shop for grain drying, handling and storage equipment, has introduced a new optional touch screen control panel for its range of Svegma continuous flow grain driers.
The control panel has a mimic display indicating fan, burner and discharge motors as well as a large touch screen display showing total drier status, from drying and exhaust temperatures, total fan and burner run hours, discharge run hours for crop change facility and alarm history.

A data logging screen can be viewed to show hot air and exhaust air temperatures during the drying mode. There is also a facility to manually add crop type and moisture in and out of the drier. All drying information can be down loaded via a USB port and stored on to a PC in an excel format. This is particularly useful for ACCS (Assured Combinable Crops Scheme) purposes. For clients that still prefer a hard wired control panel, these are still available for both roller and shutter discharge driers.

The pulse roller and shutter discharge systems on the Svegma driers have proven again, in difficult harvest conditions, that by moving the grain quickly for short periods of time avoids “streaming” in the drying column. This is when wet grains lodge on laterals and cause excessive heat build up by becoming static.

With over 600 Svegma driers operational in the UK and widths from 2m to 8m wide, capacities from 5tph to over 100tph there is a model in the Svegma range to suit all requirements.

Development work is being carried out this autumn on a modified drier that recirculates the air from the cooling section of the drier and introduces it back into the hot air plenum. This saves fuel by recovering heat that would have otherwise been lost. Further details will be available from BDC Systems later in 2010.

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