New Skandia Curved And Angled Conveyors

Continuous Flow Drier and Skandia

Now available in the UK from BDC Systems is Skandia Elevator’s extended ranges of curved and angled conveyors. These H-Line machines cover the 150-200 tonnes capacity range and incorporate the high quality design and features associated with the Skandia Elevator brand.

The new H-Line models are designed and manufactured using Skandia Elevator’s long experience in the production of curved and angled conveyors. They are suitable for larger farms and storage facilities with large amounts of grain to handle. The curved machines are available with 15, 30 and 45 degree bends, which have the added advantages of avoiding pits when feeding elevators and the ability to create more efficient installations. The availability of curved, horizontal and angled Skandia conveyors ensures that BDC can provide the optimum conveying solution for any customer.

Other features of the H-Line models include the provision of plastic liners on both floors of the machine. These are of benefit not only to prolong the machine life as there is much less wear to the floors, but also to reduce noise levels within the machines.

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