New Skandia DOC Dust And Chaff Extractors

Skandia DoC Dust Chaff Extractors

Now available from BDC Systems are the latest generation of Skandia Dust and Chaff extractors with 40-60, 100 and 150 tonnes per hour (tph) capacities. The new extractors have the ability to improve grain cleaning by as much as three times that of earlier Skandia models thanks to a new design of the cleaning unit and a fully balanced system.

The 40-60 tph model is ideal for smaller grain handling operations, whilst the 150 tph version extends the range upwards. With these innovations, there is now a complete range of Skandia products including the extractors, elevators, conveyors and ducting systems all available from BDC Systems for facilities with intensive operations throughout the year. These include medium to large sized farms and commercial grain traders.

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