Particle Separation Technology Gives New Svegma Recirculating Drier Major Advantages

BDC Systems Ltd, Cereals 2012, Boothby Graffoe, near Lincoln, Lincolnshire, 13-14 June 2012,Stand J1104.

At Cereals 2012, BDC Systems Limited, the UK supplier of the renowned Svegma grain drier range, is launching a new recirculating air drier. It features RadiClean particle separation technology developed by manufacturer Akron and is a major step forward in the drive to minimise energy consumption in grain drying operations, whilst offering other major advantages too.

With the ability to recirculate drying and cooling air prior to the burner or other heat source, energy savings with the new drier are achieved. Firstly the required amount of air that needs heating from ambient to operating temperature is decreased. Secondly, the recirculated air needs less heat input to achieve operating temperatures. The result is a calculated energy saving of more than 15% for the user.

It is Akron’s RadiClean particle-separating fan technology, with its high particle-separating efficiency, that is central to the benefits of the Svegma recirculating drier. With less dust, there is a lower risk of fire as there is less chance of particles coming into contact with hot surfaces.

The drier can be heated using any technology and/or fuel including standard gas, oil or biofuel heaters, working either directly or indirectly. Stress on the heater is minimized since it does not need to work at excessively high temperatures.

Svegma driers have other beneficial features too. These include a smooth internal drying column, no fixings or ledges to hold up crop, pulse roller or shutter discharge, advanced touch screen control panel and Turboclean dust extraction fans.

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