Skandia Grain Handling Solutions To Suit All Capacity Requirements

Investment in the correct grain handling equipment to prevent costly crop deterioration is critical. For the UK market, BDC Systems offers a complete range of grain handling machinery which includes the renowned Skandia Elevator range of belt & bucket elevators and chain & flight conveyors.

BDC Systems is a UK distributor for Skandia Elevator, a company that has specialised in designing and manufacturing innovative handling lines for nearly 100 years. These take care of the grain throughout the entire handling process whether it is on the smallest farm or the largest co-operative.

Over the last few years, Skandia has invested heavily in new manufacturing and assembly plant at their Swedish HQ in Vara. This includes state of the art 3D design capability, robotic punching and robotic folding lines. The company’s batch manufacturing strategy allows products to be manufactured and stored on site, resulting in very short lead times from the company’s 4500 square metre warehouse.

Skandia reached a turnover of 100 million Swedish Krone in 2007, seven years ahead of the planned timescale. For Andrew Head, MD of BDC Systems in the UK, this is attributable to a number of factors. “Product quality is one of Skandia Elevator’s major strengths but it is their commitment to the customer and fast deliveries which are critical in the UK.”

Skandia offers three different handling lines to suit the requirements of capacity, usage and quality. Every line is a complete system of bottom conveyors, elevators and top conveyors. Conveyors can be curved or inclined to allow flexibility in plant design. All products within each line work together as a system and are matched to attain maximum flow rates and avoid unnecessary blockages.

The Agricultural range has capacities up to 3000 tonnes per annum and the Industrial range offering up to 30000 tonnes per annum. For even greater capacity, the Heavy range can handle over 50000 tonnes of grain per annum. Operating capacities are from 30 to 600 tonnes per hour. All lines are manufactured in galvanized steel to withstand tough outdoor operating conditions. All products carry a three year warranty.

In addition to Skandia products, BDC Systems can supply complete solutions for grain drying, cleaning, handling, storage and ventilation making them a true one stop shop. New literature is now available that highlights the company’s total capability.

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