Ventilation Solutions From BDC

Aerial view of Merton Estate Farm

BDC Systems, the one stop shop for grain drying, cleaning, handling and storage products, provides a comprehensive range of solutions for crop and seed ventilation. These now include low cost Kool–It Air-Stacks which provide an effective method of improving the cooling in bulk stores.
Kool-It Air-Stacks are manufactured from special louvred galvanised base section which is also suitable for oil seed rape, no hessian sleeve required. A solid top galvanised tube connects the base to the fan. Standard units are available for crops up to 4.5m deep with larger units made to order. Complementary aeration fans are available.

Also in the range are Kool-It Airspears that can aerate up to 35 tonnes of crop at a time easily. They feature a perforated mesh bottom section and screw flight to aid penetration into grain.

Corraduct above floor ventilation laterals are designed to ventilate cereals and small seeds. Three sizes are available with either fully perforated or a closed top to suit airflow requirements. They are ideally suitable for large peak loaded stores to provide wide lateral spacings lengthwise in the building.

Multibar Laterals are made from galvanised steel and feature a louvred top. They are designed to ventilate all cereals and oil seeds and are suitable for drive-over by most agriculture vehicles. Heavy Duty level floor Laterals also feature a galvanised louvred or perforated top for drying all cereals and oilseeds.

Standard ventilation fans from 0.25kw to 7.5kw mobile or static are available to suit all airflow requirements. Most ventilation equipment is available ex stock from BDC’s warehouse in Andover.

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