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JK Machinery is a Czech manufacturer headquartered in Prague. The business has over thirty years of product development and manufacturing experience spanning both individual machines and complete turnkey plants for agricultural and food manufacturing customers. Alongside the production facility are test facilities in both the Czech Republic and UK that allow for the comprehensive testing of solutions, so customers can invest with confidence.

The JCC VibroCompact is a vibrating sieve cleaner with small footprint and low power consumption. The vibration for particle separation is delivered by two vibromotors delivering the precise separation of products by particle size. The aspirator system removes light impurities and is customisable, featuring both inlet and outlet aspiration options.

The JCC VibroCompact is designed for straightforward operation and maintenance. The sieves are kept clean by rubber balls which bounce inside them. The access to change sieves is simple and may be quickly and easily done by one person. There are numerous sampling points allowing regular product checks and adjustment of settings. The smaller size of this machine makes it suited to regular cleaning and product changes.

Key Features
  • High quality cleaning
  • Large screen area on small footprint
  • Highly effective vibrating action for separation
  • Low power consumption
  • Straightforward operation and maintenance
  • Customisable inlet and outlet aspiration system
Why Compact Vibrating Screen Cleaners

The vibrating sieve cleaner delivers high performance on a small footprint. With large sieve area, low power consumption and straightforward operation and maintenance, it is an obvious solution for seasonal cleaning tasks in agricultural businesses and for specialised low capacity processing solutions.

Why JK Machinery

The effective performance and simple design make the JCC VibroCompact a versatile option for agricultural businesses and small-scale processors. JK Machinery produces high quality equipment that delivers unmatched value for money.

How it Works

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