What it does
  • Facilitates drying by lifting grain from the bottom to the top.
  • Mixes and blends the grain or other compatible crop.
  • Makes the grain extremely flowable and non compacted.
  • Facilitates aeration of the crop.
  • Helps maintain grain in-store and allows quicker drying.
  • Removes hot spots.
  • Free Planning and Product Advisory Service available.
  • Single and double units available.
  • 3phs and 1phs units.
  • Auger lengths up to 4 metres long.
How to use the Grain Butler
  • Just place the Grain Butler on top of the grain.
  • Size the auger length so that it will not touch the floor.
  • Stand motor side of the Grain Butler to start the machine.
  • Once switched on, the Grain Butler’s auger will descend into the grain to a vertical position.
  • The Grain Butler advances through the grain on its own and thoroughly mixes the grain from bottom to top.
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