• Comprehensive range of instruments available for measuring temperature and humidity plus air flow and air pressure.
  • Also grain samplers, proximity sensors and pressure pads.

Differential Fan Controller

What it does:

  • LVC3 checks crop temperature against ambient air temperature. When the difference exceeds the set value (1-8 C) the unit supplies 230Va.c. power, either to a small single phase fan (<750W), or to a motor control starter (230Va.c. coil) for larger or three-phase motors.
  • Once the controller has started the fan motor, the internal timer will not allow it to switch OFF until the timed period has elapsed and the differential is less than the set value; this is adjustable on internal switches.
  • An optional “FROST” setting is available where the cooling of crops such as potatoes is required. This prevents the fan running if the ambient air temperature is less than the set value, adjust on internal switches within the enclosure, -2.0 C – 5.5 C in 0.5 C increments.
  • Should and sensor become disconnected from the controller the two front panel indicators will flash as a warning and the system will not power the fan motor, unless set to MANUAL.

AVC300 controller

Automatic drying and cooling minimises “ hands on “ management. Time Clock to reduce energy costs using off peak power. Check up to 64 sensors to review cooling progress for assured safe storage. Logged fan run time to check aeration hours.

Download Brochure 622kb AVC300.pdf