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The Grain Butler portable grain stirrer increases the longevity of crop storage by tackling common storage issues and improving air flow through the grain. If not stored correctly crops can quickly spoil, reducing profitability and creating operational headaches. The Grain Butler works by lifitng grain from the bottom of the pile to the top, promoting airflow and eliminating hotspots, crusting and compaction.

The Grain Butler is available in a variety of options to suit most applications. The single unit features either a manual rudder or electric rudder. The manual rudder is fixed, this ensures the machine travels striaght, the electric rudder provides full remote operation. The stirrer may be powered by either single phase and three phase electric, it features a 2.2kw gear motor with a stop / start safety switch. Augers start at 1.5m length increasingin 0.5m increments. The longest auger available is 3m.

Grain Butlers can also be used in pairs, coupled together with a remote control unit which allows the motors on both machines to be operated independently, thus enabling the twin unit to be steered and turned at the end of a run. The latest Grain Butler's auger is angled from the main body of the under, which improve the propoulsion speed over previous models.

Key Features
  • Aids drying by lifting the grain from the bottom to the top
  • Can be used in pairs
  • Supports aeration of the crop
  • Removes hotspots
  • Approximate speed 1.2-1.5m/s depending on product type, grain depth and compaction
  • Auger length from 1.5m to 3m
  • Single phase and three phase available
  • Suitable for us in grain and oilseeds
Why Portable Grain Stirrer

The portable grain stirrer lifts crops from the bottom to the top. This reduces hotspots, crusting and compaction; as a result aeration is improved and the condition of the crop is maintained. Once set up very little supervision is required, the machine travels through the crop mixing as it goes.

Why Grain Butler

The innovative design enables the Grain Butler to be steered remotely and the inclined auger improves speed compared to older models.

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