In Partnership With

Bentall Rowlands

BDC System's works alongside Bentall Rowlands to provde customers with a variety of grain silos and bins. Bentall Rowlands is a UK based company located in Scunthorpe. 

Flat bottom silos are available in diameters from as small as 3m up to 47.5m, giving capacities ranging from 20m3 up to 45,000m3. Consideration needs to be given to grain cooling requirements for stored grain, including the air distribution system and equipment. Also, thought must be given to how the grain is handled both loading and unloading the silo. Particularly important is the access design for long-term management and maintenance of the system.

Hopper bottom silos are typically used to store wet grain as part of a drying system or as buffer storage on a process line. They are available in diameters from 3m up to 10m, providing storage capacity from 20m3 to 4,000m3. The hoppers can have a 45 or 60 degree incline depending on the product to be stored. Hopper bottom silos can be mounted on a supporting structure to form loading silos for HGVs.

All silos are designed for cyclical loading and compliant with the applicable British standards. They can be supplied with a wide range of accessories including catwalks, platforms, access staircases and towers. All round silos feature a galvanised finish, exact specification varies depending on application. 

Key Features
  • Highly flexible grain storage system
  • Broad range of diameters and capacities available
  • Provide bird and rodent proof grain storage
  • Controlled environment reduces post-harvest losses
  • Available in a range of finishes
  • Ancillary equipment including access, catwalk and ladders
  • Option to have silos manufactured to specific requirements
Why Round Silo's

Round Silo's offer a cost effective and excellent storage solution. All Silo's are compliant with applicable British Standards and can be supplied with a range of accessories.

Why Bentall Rowland

Bentall Rowland is a leading manufacturer of round silos, with many years of manufacturing experience. The strength and reliability of the silo's is proven.


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