Skandia Conveyors & Elevators

When Quality Counts
The moving parts are critical to a grain handling system. It is in the moving parts where the risks of downtime and malfunctions arise. If such incidents occur the whole production stops, which is always very negative for our customer.
BDC systems offer moving parts from Skandia Elevator a manufacturer who prioritizes high quality products with minimal risk of downtime and this is important for us to highlight. That is why we display the quality label “Moving Parts from Skandia Elevator” along with the products and information about them.

  • All galvanised construction
  • Capacities from 20-600tph
  • Agriculture and commercial duty
  • Horizontal and inclined conveyors
  • Trench intake conveyors
  • High tensile chain strengths
  • Direct drive motor gearboxes
  • Suitable for cereals, pulses, oilseeds and most free flowing materials
  • 3 ranges to suit different duties
  • Full range of inlet and outlet fittings
  • Belt conveyors – 60-300tph, motorised trippers, direct drive motors.

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