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BDC System's works with Danish manufacturer BM Silo and Swedish manufacturer Akron. Both offer quite different square grain silos for different applications. Both manufacturers have a long history of design and innovation for the agricultural industry and offer outstanding products. 

BM Silo have a highly automated production process and manufacture exclusively from galvanised and stainless steel sheet metal. They manufacture several ranges of modular square and rectangular hopper bottom silos suitable for combinable crops, animal feeds and pellets. The smallest silos are 1m x 1m with the largest having a footprint of 3m x 4m, the largest capacity silos are up to 85m3. Typically for indoor applications the modular BM silo is an integral part of any grain processing system providing temporary storage on a small footprint within the process. 

Akron’s range of square grain storage silos is designed for longer term storage. The Type M storage system is completely self-supporting and the bins can structurally support a roof and wall cladding. The square silos are 3m wide and can be up to 6m long and the height increases in 0.5m increments to a maximum height of 25m. The Type M system can store up to 200m3. The hopper legs and supports are painted but may be galvanised as an option, the hopper bottoms can be welded or bolted on assembly. Akron also manufactures a smaller Type S storage bin, best suited to standalone or small installations. 

Key Features
  • Highly modular grain storage systems
  • Broad range of dimensions and capacities available
  • Can store grains, pellets, meals and other granular materials
  • Galvanised construction
  • Range of unloading systems available
  • Maximises grain storage within an area
  • Simple assembly process on site
Why Square Silos​

Square grain silos make the best use of space, typically used for indoor applications they are highly modular and can be configured to suit each sites individual requirements.

Why BM Silo & Akron

Both BM Silo and Akron manufacture high quality products with a high degree of customisation if required. The BM Silo has many options and is suited to inclusion as part of a grain processing system. The Akron Type M system is most suitable for long-term agricultural grain storage.

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