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Skandia Elevator

Founded in 1914, the business first produced threshing machines in Arentorp, Sweden. In the 1960s development of the first chain and flight conveyors began and in 1975 the company specialised in grain handling. Now a third-generation family business, Skandia Elevator has evolved into one of Europe’s leading and most technologically advanced manufacturers of grain handling equipment hardware and grain system management software.

The Grain Balance is part of Skandia Elevator's Grain Cloud ecosystem, the Grain Cloud provides complete control and visibility of your grain drying and storage system. The Grain Balance quickly and accurately weighs grain heading into storage and records this via the Grain Cloud app. Allowing all crops, yeilds and fields to be monitored, this allows a forward thinking approach to improve profits on farm. All previous years data can be monitored and tracked to see how yeilds change year upon year.

The equipment can be retrofitted to any Skandia elevator with a gearbox motor drive and requires 4G data coverage to transmit and recieve data from the cloud. The function and position of the Grain Balance needs to be discussed with a BDC Systems product specialist to deliver the very best results.

Key Features
  • • Easy setup of fields
  • • Access to previous years data
  • • Automatic calculation of yield / field
  • • Complete Control
  • • Simple, affordable and easy to start
  • • Works with all elevators fitted with a Skandia gearbox
  • • Automatic calculation of yield / field
Why The Grain Balance

The Grain Balance is a useful bit of kit for any farm, providing a collaborative database which is accessible and easy to use. The app which is simple to setup and use provides a clear overview of all the crops in the fields and in storage. The Grain Balance also allows monitoring of crops that leave the farm.

Why Skandia Elevator?

Equipment designed by Skandia Elevator is done with the focus of creating equipment that is robust and dependable. The Grain Balance will support farming needs in every which way ensuring crop yields are monitored, an overview of crops in storage and annual reports are produced measuring crop yield. All of which are vital elements to ensure business goes from strength to strength.

How it Works

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