Project Support

During the assembly and installation phase of a project BDC System's sales and technical staff are on hand to provide support and guidance. This ensures that as the project progresses we are up to date on progress and on hand to provide timely advice on variations to mechanical and electrical equipment. On larger more complex projects this may take the form of a regular site visit and contribution to client meetings as required. Quick answers supported by years of technical and practical experience for your installation teams and other sub-contractors help the delivery of on-time and on-budget projects.

System Commissioning

Once a new grain drying system has been mechanically and electrically installed a member of the BDC System's technical team will conduct a plant commissioning. This tried and tested procedure checks that mechnical and electrical installation is in accordance with the guidance provided by both manufacturers and BDC. The step by step process will prevent unecessary damage to machines and that the system is functioning as intended. This includes the testing of the critical combustion and electrical systems on grain driers prior to running grain through the system for the first time.

Product Training

On completion of the plant commissioning we will provide operator training and instruction. This includes familiarisation with all aspects of the system and includes instructions on the correct operation and maintenance of the mechanical, electrical and combustion equipment. Basic troubleshooting guidance will also form part of the product training enabling even inexpereienced operators to gain a good understanding of the system and ensure they are confident and ready for harvest.

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